“My earlier broker told me not to submit an unconditional offer because it was too risky. I lost out on two houses because of the financing conditions. I asked Tanmay if he can help me. He prequalified me with a lender who would accept my application and I submitted an unconditional offer yesterday, which landed me my dream home! I thank Tanmay for all his help in getting the prequalification and working hard for me! I would recommend his services to all home buyers.” – Christian W, Toronto, ON

“My credit score was low and I was recovering from a bankruptcy. I had liked a house but was not sure if I would get a mortgage. Tanmay helped me get a mortgage from a private lender, within 3 days. I now have my own home, I am paying my instalments on time and getting my credit back on line. Thanks Tanmay for your help!” – Jessy O, Brampton, ON

“I had two credit card debts of $30k and a day loan of $5k. I was paying $900 a month only towards interest. Thankfully, Tanmay was able to secure a second mortgage for my home for $40k and I paid off all my credit cards and day loans. My interest cost is reduced to $300 a month and my cash flows are much improved. We were able to take the kids to Disneyworld for the first time. This was a liberating experience. I am grateful to Tanmay for suggesting this fantastic solution!” – Shareef H, Mississauga, ON

“I am new to Canada and I did not have a credit history. Tanmay was able to guide me through the mortgage process and secure a mortgage at a great rate for me. I will definitely recommend Tanmay to anyone who has just landed in this country” – Shyam S, Windsor, ON

“My bank told me that I was an “A” client and offered me a fixed interest rate of 2.69% on my mortgage. On a friend’s suggestion, I just called Tanmay to check whether I was getting a good rate. Tanmay asked me whether I was ok with a variable rate if it was lower than the fixed and was able to get me a 2.3% variable. I am very happy to have used his services. I was shocked to know that even for A clients like me, it pays to use a mortgage agent!” – Susi G, Sudbury, ON.

“I came to Tanmay to help with my mortgage. Not only did he turn around the approval quickly, but he helped me invest my RRSP funds into a syndicated mortgage with an 8% return. Truly amazing service and quick turnaround” – Chang Z, Markham, ON