Tanmay Kelkar – Top Mortgage Agent/Broker in Ontario

First Timer Buyers

Making it easy for the first time home buyerv. Best mortgage rates, most appropriate products and advise related to paying off your mortgage faster. I make your mortgage a breeze! So if you are looking for top mortgage agent in Ontario contact here.

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Second Mortgages/Debt Consolidation

Take advantage of the equity in your house, for various purposes. Best rates in the market and quick turnaround! Contact Top Mortgage Broker in Ontario to get top service.

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Refinances and renewals:

Refinance/renew at the most competitive rates and additionally get tips and advise on how to reduce your mortgage payments and pay off your mortgage quicker!

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All Products & Services

I offer various mortgage and syndicated mortgage investment services to suit all your needs

All Products & Services

I work hardest to keep your rates the lowest!

Buying a home is probably the single largest investment you will make. Any mortgage solution should be designed with you and your financial needs in mind. Unfortunately, there are many banks and agents out there who are only interested in making a quick buck. They are just not interested in making sure that your mortgage application and approval process is smooth, with the payments you can afford and the product you can understand. It is not always just about the rates. Some borrowers care more about the lender! Some want to pay off their mortgage earlier. Some want the flexibility to move from variable rates to fixed. Some want the opportunity to add a second mortgage and so on…..

I understand my borrower. I work for them and not for the banks. With over 14 years of mortgage experience, I present a tailor-made solution to suit your needs. Your best mortgage is just a phone call away!!